Why ZoomFone is better

Traditional phone systems lack flexibility and need to be replaced every few years. You have a constant need to reinvest in telephony; however with ZoomFone we take that burden away.

ZoomFone is a Cloud Based telephone system, this means that you will never have to outlay a large amount of money to start using or upgrade ZoomFone. We maintain and upgrade the phone system. When we introduce new features, you get them as part of your plan automatically.

Dynamic needs, Elastic capacity

With traditional phone systems, you have to purchase a system that can accommodate the fluctuations in your workforce. This means either costly upgrades when you grow, or having purchased excessive capacity that is wasted when your staffing needs shrink.

ZoomFone will grow and shrink with you without penalty. Because you pay monthly for your usage we accommodate your high growth and shrinkage and you only pay based on that usage.

More features, Less Money

With ZoomFone, our motto is More Features for Less Money. Out of the box, we offer a higher feature set than your traditional phone service. This means more tools for your workforce that increases your productivity, while saving you money.

Together, we will help you design a telephone system that will ensure that you get the most out of ZoomFone, and we will make as many changes as you like anytime down the road, at no charge.