Managed Services

Managed services are a proactive service that helps you increase the security and reliability of your computers increase the productivity of your employees, become scalable.

Remote Monitoring and Management and Automation

We will install our RMM agent on all your Windows computers and servers. The RMM agent runs in the system tray. The agent performs several functions:

Users can right click on the agent, submit a screen capture to the Service Desk, and open Service Requests. This method of opening service requests is quick and easy.

Technicians and users can initiate remote screen sharing sessions with our built-in remote support tools that are part of the agent.

Pushes data back to the Automation Server for analysis


The agent will inventory the computer system, gather performance metrics, event logs, hardware specifications, processes, storage, applications, roles, and more. The agent can also serve as a network probe to discover network assets such as printers, and other network devices on your network.


These will watch all computers for certain conditions and allow our solution to take proactive and reactive actions. Monitors will trigger alerts when thresholds are exceeded: create ticket, send alerts, auto-healing actions, etc.

Automation and scripting

The automation solution uses scripting to apply actions to a computer. Scripts can be manually initiated by a technician. Automation scripts are linked to monitors. This allows for fully automated corrective actions to occur.

Nearly 400 scripts make up part of the automation system and are preconfigured based on industry best practices. Scripts are used for maintenance, software distribution, system automation, and more.

Patch management

Patching computers so that systems are not vulnerable to known attacks. We will patch multiple machines at the same time. We will establish a patching schedule and policies to standardize and secure your computing environment. We can patch in “emergency one-off situations”. We are also able to patch the following 3rd party applications: Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Adobe Shockwave, Apple iTunes, Google Chrome, Oracle Java, PDF Creator, 7-Zip, Mozilla Firefox, Notepad++, VLC Media Player).

Co-Managed Service Desk

A ticketing system tracks events from the RMM agents, and service requests initiated by IT staff and the service desk (employees). The ticketing system is for dispatching, tracking and time entries against service tickets.

The ticketing system will allow tracking of SLAs and will allow the service desk and technicians to prioritize work. Both your IT staff and ours will work in the same ticketing system.

Web Portal

A branded web portal will be available to authorized users. Users will be able to see and create service requests, and remotely access computers that are associated with their account. This provides a remote connection solution for workers who need to access their computers remotely (optional).


The Automation Server stores all the metrics gathered by the agents in a database. Automation of business intelligence is delivered by reporting. Reports can be scheduled by email to key members of your team. There are many default reports available, custom reports can be created based on need.

Reports provide insight into assets on the network, service time and trends for service requests, remote access, client health standards, computer audits, failed monitors, networking, client performance, patching, etc.

Microsoft 365 Advanced Support and Security

Microsoft 365 suite of products can be configured to enhance security and provide alerting of events.

We will analyze your Microsoft 365 implementation, and apply configurations to enhance the security of your data. We will apply configurations and alerts for events that will initiate service requests and we will analyze them and remediate as required. We will perform a weekly security audit of your Microsoft 365 tenant.

A review of security audits and events are performed monthly. These will include a review of your configurations.