ZoomFone offers a variety of features and benefits that can be experienced without investing large sums of money. We are a convenient and economic telecommunications option that does not require a purchase of costly to maintain equipment. We maintain the equipment in our data center, all you need is a high speed Internet.

ZoomFone Hosted Phone System

We manage all of your extensions in our data centre. We can provide services to your main office and all remote offices that you have in Canada. Our platform offers many features that do not exist with traditional telephone systems. Our approach is better because you access our system while other telephone providers want to sell you an on premise phone system and monthly telephone lines. ZoomFone can accommodate large call volume without callers ever getting a busy signal, no need to overprovision telephone lines.

Multi-language support

ZoomFone is able to accommodate English, French and Spanish voice prompts. This valuable feature extends to the prompts used within voicemail, automated attendants, queues, and conference rooms. Multilingual support extends to internal users and external callers, therefore ZoomFone can accommodate your multi-lingual staffing needs and your multi-lingual clients that call you.
ZoomFone can route calls to your desk phone and your cell phone when you are out.

Standard Features

With ZoomFone, no need to pay for extra features, our features are standard. Included are Caller ID Name + Number display, Call Screening, Call Transfer, Music on Hold, Custom Music On Hold, Unlimited Voicemail, Voicemail to Email, Call Park, Inbound call rules, Call Transfer + Call Transfer NoAnswer, Do Not Disturb, Call Waiting, Three Way Calling, Three Way Call Join, Simulateous Ring, Time Interval Rules, Call Recording, VoIP Panel Access, Call API Access, and more.

Local & Toll Free Number Portability

Let ZoomFone provide your telecommunications needs and keep your local and toll free numbers. Get telephone numbers in other geographical areas so that you can maintain the appearance of having a local presence in multiple cities in Canada, US and other countries.

Toll Free or Local Numbers

Assign toll free numbers (800, 855, 866, 877, 888, etc) to your company name. you may also assign numbers from other area codes and enable others to contact you locally. You can open up your client base to anywhere in North America with a toll free number.

Voice Mail to Email

If you’re unavailable, busy or just didn’t get to the call in time, we can deliver voicemail to your email so that can listen to your voicemails in a timely fashion wherever you are.

Automated Attendant Receptionist

Let your Automated Attendant answer and manage your incoming calls and play professionally recorded welcome messages, provide a set of choices such as dial-by-name, dial-by-extensions, and routing of calls. Callers can self-guide themselves efficiently to your people in your organization.
Let us create simple or complex auto-attendant voice menus with multiple contexts, options and actions. An indispensable business tool that can get callers to the right people anytime. ZoomFone has a very intricate set of programing options available to perform complex functions, including interacting with other applications using its API calls, talk to us to learn more.

Sales or Support Call Queues

Manage calls between multiple receptionists, multiple people at help desks, order desks, support desks or call centers. ZoomFone can accommodate queues with internal agents and external agents (like cellular phones). Allow callers in queue to listen to music on hold, or hear customized recordings/music. Queues agents can login/logout of queues. Ringing agents can be a Ring All, Random, Least Called and more. Additionally, we can route return calls to the same agent that last answered for that caller ensuring a better customer experience.

Email 2 Fax / Fax 2 Email

The fully-featured fax server can receive and send faxes over email or by using the web management interface. We give you the ability to send and receive faxes without any equipment. Receive faxes by email, and send faxes from your email.

Company Directory, Dial By Name

Simply dial a few characters of the first or last name for the person you are trying to reach and once you confirm the correct user, the call is automatically routed accordingly.

Call Routing

The incoming call rules feature improves privacy protection, automates tasks, and increases user’s productivity. Filter incoming calls based on CallerID, status of user and time of call, using rules that can perform a set of predefined actions, such as hang up and transfer to certain destinations on or off network.

Music On Hold

Customize your music on hold to suit your brand! Use this feature to play your favorite music, company theme song or per-recorded messages advertising today’s specials. Being on hold doesn’t need to be boring.

Business hours/After hours

Manage calls based on time settings. Create rules to handle a call one way during hours of operation and differently after hours. Callers can be presented recordings, routed to destinations, and extensions can perform sets of actions (like forwarding) based on time.

The ZoomFone VoIP Panel

ZoomFone staff are happy to manage and configure your telephone system, however you may want to access reports, extensions, recordings, anything… With our VoIP Panel, we give you the ability to completely self-manage. Use it to look at current call logs, usage and listen to recorded calls and voicemail. You can completely administer your company, but don’t worry we will still help you with anything you want, unlike other telephone companies we won’t force you to manage it yourself. With our convenient 611 service, we will help you accomplish what you want, or just do it for you.

The VoIP Panel interface allows our customers a secure and highly accessible way to manage, customize and configure everything easily and from anywhere in the world. Change voicemail passwords, setup calling rules and listen to your call recordings. The ZoomFone VoIP Panel is what makes us unique. This feature rich control panel gives you a complete overview and control over your entire companies telecommunications infrastructure from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Advanced functions such as customizing email templates, VoIP Panel, Provisioning Templates, etc are supported through the portal. Many SIP enabled telephones can already provisioned and customized through the device provisioning templates that are available to you.

Reporting and statistics

Available through the VoIP Panel are up to date call reports, billing charges, queue agent reports, live call flows and many statistics. Reports can be viewed organization wide or by extension, and searched on many criteria’s.

Mobile and Conferencing

Businesses can schedule and have multiple conferences on their conference rooms. The conference center feature supports one-time and recurring conferences. Conference participants can authenticate when they connect to the conferencing server. Real-time conference utilization reports are available in the interface. When you are out of office or on the road, you can still create or join existing conferences from public phone numbers. Sharing information with customers is equally easy, they can join conferences by dialing a phone number assigned for this purpose.

Call Centres

Ever felt the urge to listen to one of your sales peoples calls while it is happening? Then one step even further, to be able to verbally coach your sales person on the call without the customer hearing? The Monitor Whisper Control Panel does just that. See all your staff in one simple window and click to Monitor, Whisper or Barge the call.